Monday, June 25, 2012

Growth (mostly)


Super Marzano


Garden first! Some hot, hot days were just what my tomatoes wanted, because they really sprung up there since they were planted.

June 11th:

Opalkas planted

June 22nd:


June 11th:

Super Marzanos planted

June 22nd:

Super Marzanos

Somewhat impressive, but the best is the herb section.

June 11th:


June 22nd:


Go, guys, go!

Sad thing. I had to cut back all the grapes. They all did this weird rotting thing last year, and it started again this year, so I looked it up. Black rot. Instead of watching them slowly rot on the vines, I killed them in cold blood.

dying grapes

dying grapes

I figure it is all my fault for not planting them in their ideal conditions, so now I have made a new space for them and will transplant and treat whenever I get the chance. I'm leaving the dead vines on the ladder arbor for looks and will plant some morning glories there instead. So it all works out. But it doesn't make me feel any better for what I did...

Unrelated, and much happier: Noah turned FOUR on the 13th, and we celebrated with a little miniature golf.


mom and Liddy take a turn

Here's the birthday boy getting a little help from dad:

there you go, birthday boy

Still seems like it was just yesterday I was popping on to post this. Now, not only is he fours years old, but we have another one, and she's growing just as fast as her brothers:

1) Oh hey I am so strong!

2) Yeah?

She'll be six weeks old on Wednesday. Unbelievable!

And finally, I will leave you with some pictures of the particularly impressive sunset from a few nights ago.

another gorgeous sunset

another gorgeous sunset


Nicole said...

Quick, harvest some of your basil or it won't "bush out" nicely. Snip off the top leaves only, you can see small leaves growing out of the V between main stem and big leaves, those will become extra branches when you clip off the top leaves.

Isn't it scary how quickly kids grow? Mine will be 12 and 5 in September. The big kid has my shoe size and is almost my hight....
Happy Birthday to your "bigger" kid! Miniature Golf sounds like something we should have a go at this summer.

I love your blog, have been reading for ages now, but I think this is my first comment ;-)

Teresa Robeson said...

A very happy birthday to Noah!! Lydia is one precocious kid. I have never seen a 6 week old prop him/herself up like that!

So sorry to hear about the grapes. :( Ours died completely, so I guess black rot is better than total death. Still a bummer though. 

It's amazing that those tomato cages will contain your tomatoes...they barely contain our green peppers! We have mutant tomatoes.

Anne-Marie Faiola said...

Can't believe it's only been six weeks, she is growing up super fast!=)

Jo said...

That is one gorgeous baby!  <3

Amber said...

Thanks for saying hello, Nicole! Sorry it took me a month to answer. :/

It is definitely amazing to see how fast everything is going with the kids. This year, we're counting down the days until the biggest boy's first day of school. :)

Amber said...

 All three kids were pretty strong from the start. Good for carrying with less worry, bad for burping/changing/bathing/etc. ;)

The grapes... I just don't know about them. I guess we'll see next year.

The cages won't contain normal tomatoes. I cut mine back hard and keep them small due to limited space. :(

Mischell Yost said...

Only your photos could make dead grapes look like a million bucks.