Monday, May 27, 2013

Chive Blossom Vinegar { Updated }

chive blossom vinegar - 6

I'm always one to finally jump on internet bandwagons a good year or so after I first see them making their rounds, and this small foray into infused vinegar is no exception.

While I'd like to show some self-restraint and refrain from sharing my versions of pictures that already exist a hundred times over elsewhere on the web, I decided eh, why start controlling myself now? So here they are.

chive blossom vinegar - 1

What I did was just pinch blossoms off my plant and my neighbor's with my thumb nail and stuck them in a large mason jar.

chive blossom vinegar - 2

I filled it with cold water and gave it a good long soak, then a shake, then drained it and repeated that whole process two more times to make sure all the dirt and bugs were out (or at least most of them, yanno?)

chive blossom vinegar - 3

I laid them all out to dry for a few hours, occasionally stopping by to toss them around a bit to knock some water droplets out of all those little petals.

chive blossom vinegar - 4

Once they were sufficiently dry, I stuck them in a jar and poured a splash of apple cider vinegar over them, and then filled the jar the rest of the way with white vinegar. Two things: Mine won't be as "pretty pink" as some others online due to my addition of cider vinegar, but it will taste more like I want it to. And also, some people heated their vinegar, others put it in at room temp, all were successful. So I decided to put mine in as is and stick it in a sunny window for a day or two before I pop it in the basement for the next week or so.

chive blossom vinegar - 5

It already looks and smells so lovely, I can hardly wait to find out how nice it will be after it sits a while!

Tomorrow's project: Rose and Cardamom Jelly. Cross your fingers. My jelly record is less than stellar...


Impatient Amber should have just waited to post until this morning so I could share this picture of it after a night of steeping. Pinkness! Smells great.

The next day...


Amber said...

Thanks! I can't wait to do some other vinegars now!

Teresa Robeson said...

So the multiple soakings in water didn't take away all the chive-y flavor of the flowers? It's gorgeous, even with the darker orange of the cider vinegar. Also, bugs are the new protein now. ;)

Amber said...

Nope, they were just as chivey and spicy as ever. I used extremely cold water and they were not in long enough to get waterlogged, just long enough to get bugs out. I mean, since I spurned the opportunity to enjoy some protein-rich vinegar. ;)

Noël McNeil said...

So, what exactly would you use this vinegar for? My family and I love vinegar, but I never thought to make variations. Definitely curious. :)

Amber said...

Salad dressing seems to be the most popular use, but I'd like to try it on homemade french fries or sliced friend potatoes too!

Noël McNeil said...

Ooo, that sounds yummy!