Tuesday, January 15, 2008



My first batch of kitchen scraps in my little compost crock. Okay, it's actually a vintage soup tureen, but I rarely serve soup to guests, so it has been repurposed. Can I tell you how nasty this asparagus smelled? Can you just go ahead and imagine it? I never got to eat it. Apparently those TWO DAYS it spent in the crisper were too much for it. What is that about?! Our grocery store has been awful lately, so I am blaming them...
Today I went out in the (very light) snow and dug a trench in my garden and buried the grossness. My soil is beautiful after only one year of half-hearted conditioning. But THIS year it is in for a treat. We are going to be expanding the garden and composting religiously (I will be building a structure soon) and I will be canning as much as possible. We'll see how easy it is to harvest and water with a newborn and an almost two-year-old. ;) Maybe the husband will get into it this year.
I have been meaning to get back down to my basement and putter around a bit, but I lost some of the steam I had reserved especially for that project. So I am ignoring it for a week or so until I cannot stand it anymore. In the meantime, I keep wondering if I should start painting the hallway. It would require some scaffolding. I don't know anybody around here well enough to borrow some. And my ladder is not tall enough to rig up my own deadly perfectly safe version. And so it waits and waits with all the other projects.
In other news, today I replaced a vintage hook latch on my jelly cupboard with ... a vintage spring latch. What an idiotic waste of time and energy that was! (Truthfully, it didn't take too long and I do love the new look, but really. So many other things are waiting to be accomplished and this is how I prioritize.)
Oh, and I need to know what color to get my car painted. It is currently old lady car blue, but that may be due to the partial fading on the hood. Anyway, I am leaning toward red right now, but black might look really good too. The important thing is, no sparkles. An aging Volvo wagon does not need sparkles. But it needs to be shiny. My first beloved Volvo turned from orange to John Deere green (with my help, of course) but I am not feeling that for a wagon. OH, OH! I am talking to husband as I type this and inspiration has struck! Radio Flyer red. Hot damn!
Oh my, enough rambling for now.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Baby #2 is a boy!
He is doing great and is exactly the right size for his due date and all that good stuff. We are so happy and excited!!!