Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Weaving Post


It's true. I have added another hobby to the mix.


My friend Aimee, one of the most kind and generous people I have ever known, bought a loom a while back and never ended up getting into it.

So she gave it to me.

practice strip - warped!

I set it up the same night it got here with some leftover bulky yarns I had from my very first attempt at knitting. How symbolic, I thought.

scrap yarns

Unfortunately, my practice strip is nothing to brag about.

practice strip - weaving!

So for my next attempt, I used sock yarn. Single strands for the warp, five for the weft.


MUCH better.

greens and blues

All rolled up.

fairly even selvedge

Requisite hanging shot.

requisite hanging shot

So bright!


Feeling somewhat bolstered (and realizing I am enjoying working "small" on the loom), I warped my next project with laceweight yarns, hoping to do a plaid.

all warped and ready to go

Frog Tree Brushed Suri and recycled merino

It worked.

♥ l o v e ♥

This scarf is going to be worn so much this winter. I am head over heels in love.

second scarf!


More to come soon, as I am warping for a special surprise for someone today.

Monday, July 11, 2011


After much tiredness and disorganization last night and this morning, random number generating has occurred!

The winners, in order of posts, are as follows:

Day One:


Yay for state fairs! So happy for you that you're back in MN in time to enjoy some of your favorite things!


Day Two:


Vickie! How exciting that you've started making soap! And it looks like you will indeed get a chance to try my soaps.

Oh, and wine and campfires are two of my favorite ways of relaxing too. :)


Day Three:


How fantastic that the gardening bug has officially bitten! And your neighbors sound like a fantastic resource to have as you begin your journey. I hope you enjoy Tim's book and that it inspires you even more!


All winners: Please email your shipping info to me at amber { at } ambersambry { dot} com as soon as you get the chance.

Angie - make sure you include an email address where your Baker Creek gift certificate can be delivered.

And to everyone who entered: I think this was my best turnout yet! Thank you all so much for your wonderful stories and for stopping by!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Plants, New Plants and Banjo

fresh shortcake

This has been a really nice week. Between a relaxing holiday weekend with lots of food and some visitors, a day all to myself on Wednesday, and the awesome comments on the giveaway posts, I am feeling pretty mellow.

Seriously, I am reading the nicest little stories and they make me smile. Thanks for playing along!

In garden news, all the popcorn has tassels now,

this popcorn makes me happy

and I'm seeing a lot of this!


The zinnias are doing well in here, but a squirrel keeps digging in the middle planter (not shown). Jerk.

zinnias sprouted

The seeds I planted out front are absolutely flourishing, and I am starting to get some poppies now!

my first poppy

My favorite birdhouse in my neighbor's yard has some little wild morning glories growing around it right now.

neighbor's bird house and wild morning glories

And some of the convolvulus I dug up to move some stuff around are really happy in this pot.

some happy porch plants

So, day to myself happened Wednesday. It was a great day. I took a tiny trip to a local greenhouse that my neighbor recommended to me. I will not go off about how wonderful it was, because I'm planning on going back soon and doing a whole post about it. It is that wonderful.

Anyway, they were having a sale and I STOCKED UP on herbs!

what i got

Most of them ended up in the herb bed:

new herbs planted

The exciting plantings happened in a little project I started the other day and was super happy about.

I had these two old matching chairs, one was antique white, and one was sort of a dark turquoise-ish, and two baskets, one red and one unpainted, but falling apart.

I found some old spray paint in the basement and did one chair white (and gave the red basket a refresher coat), and planted --clockwise from top left-- pineapple sage, orange mint, golden sage, and pineapple mint.

mint and sage basket

The other chair turned red and ended up with the white basket on it, which was filled to the max with sweet basil.

basil basket!

I'm just delighted to see them out there every time I go out or look out the windows. And the baskets are just lined with a double layer of newspaper.

And finally, because it has been a while, here is the most recent banjo song I've been working on:

See you Sunday night or Monday! Remember that comments are open on all three giveaways through Sunday!

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{ Giveaway Two }
{ Giveaway Three }

Comments now closed on all three giveaways. So many wonderful stories, thank you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three part giveaway -- Day Three!

book in pocket

SOMEBODY got a late start this morning. Sorry. :)

Here she is. Number three! This one is very much gardening related.

First up is a super great gardening apron, made by me.

gardening apron

And what you saw peeking out of the pocket in the top picture is your very own copy of Tim Stark's book, "Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer."

heirloom... by tim stark

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Tim speak a few months back, and I have read this book six times now since I first got it. Something about the way he writes just pulls me in -- and a great deal of the stories take place right around where I live!

heirloom description

Finally, you will also receive a Ten Dollar (email) Gift Certificate to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, savers of extremely high quality seeds, and makers of the seed "catalog" I have paged through and drooled over about a million times since I got it.

baker creek seed book


Now for the bummer: Due to the high cost of shipping overseas, I am restricting this giveaway to US and Canadian residents only. Sorry. :(


To enter:

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your garden means to you (if you have one): food source? Cut flowers? Force of habit?

And if you don't have one currently, what do you love about the idea of gardening? Or what do you miss about it?

One winner will be chosen randomly on Sunday 7/10 or Monday 7/11 (depending on how late we get back from our day trip next Sunday!)

** And don't forget that the comments on all three posts will remain open until Sunday, so enter all of them if you want! **

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Comments now closed. Thank you all SO MUCH for the wonderful comments and stories!